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BIUM-D is by far the best thermogenic type supplement that I have taken. From day one, have been stone cold focused due to the potency of BIUM-D. I am post competition so BIUM-D does a great job of curbing my appetite, from eating everything in sight (lol). I have been pairing my BIUM-D or F.E.A.R. with both Clinical Sports Labs BCAA’s and Creatine.
I’m happy that I have finally found a quality line of supplements that deliver everywhere.
All I can say is CSL provides amazing products.
Thanks CSL!


I have been taking the BIUM-D™ for about 8 weeks. I take 2 in the morning before my first meal of the day and in 30 minutes I feel it. I feel the energy kicking in. The energy and focus is amazing and my workout intensity has really picked up. I am feeling leaner and tighter and only doing two cardio (HIIT) sessions per week. I take my second dose, 1-2 tablets in the afternoon, about 30 minutes before I eat.

I know the people at CSL and know that they not only put out a great product but live and support the lifestyle. I have seen them in the gym training and at many of the shows talking to the competitors and cheering everyone on. That means a lot to me.  I could buy any product I want and support any brand I want. I choose CSL because I know they are committed to muscle, the gym and making cutting edge products that help me to stay lean and close to contest shape.

Thumbs Up.

Lou Salzano

Tem 407Muscle

IFPA and DFAC Masters Pro

Lou Salzano
Pro Bodybuilder

I’ve been using BIUM-D™ over the last 8 weeks to help get past a plateau in my fat loss efforts. Simply adding 2 micro-tablets in the morning and 2 in the afternoon prior to training has helped me lean out considerably and get over the hump. I am always down for getting an extra oomph prior to cardio. I’m definitely getting it done with the BIUM-D™.
You may have never heard of Clinical Sports Labs but trust me, most serious competitors have. I have sampled some of the not yet released intra-workout amino acids and let me tell you, the shit is unbelievable. Tastes great and you can feel your body starting to recover.
Good people that understand working out.


By far the best fat-burner I have ever used. I was skeptical at first having used almost everything and really liking my current regimen. I do not like to change. I wanted to get my body fat down below 10 so I thought I would try it. In 2 weeks my body fat dropped from 13 to 10 and still dropping. I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.