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Joe Franco – Time Between Shows

As a bodybuilding and physique coach I get asked a lot of questions, most of them are really great and some are unique but often I get asked the same questions over and over. One that I get a lot is:  “Joe, I did well in this past show and want to compete again in a few months. What do you think?”.   Well when I look to answer that question I realize why I will never be rich!  Competitors need tim ...[Read More]

“Peak Week” with IFBB Pro Chris Mosher

  Hello Clinical Sports Labs fans!!! This is what we call “peak week” as competitors and whether you are a bodybuilder, bikini, or physique athlete or just getting ready for a photo shoot, we all go through this final phase of fine tuning the body to get our best possible look on show day. For me, I am getting ready to step on stage November 8th in the 2014 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pr ...[Read More]