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Home Training – Can It Work For You?

  Joe Franco Team Franco Bodybuilding Team Clinical Sports Labs Many people feel that they need to be surrounded by the new and cutting edge equipment to become a bodybuilder. Some need to be training with others who have the same goal to motivate each other. Others just need the escape from their home or work place to go workout. These are all valid points, and I am not going to argue that t ...[Read More]

Arm Training – Core Routine #121114

Let’s face it, everyone wants arms. Big arms, tight arms, small arms, bigger biceps or defined triceps….we all want arms. Even in the “winter” when sweatshirts, hoodies and long sleeve t’s come out, we want arms! It’s like the age old “how much can you bench” question, now it’s, “show me your arms”. Here is a basic and core arm routine that you can follow all season long. The science of building g ...[Read More]

Joe Franco – Time Between Shows

As a bodybuilding and physique coach I get asked a lot of questions, most of them are really great and some are unique but often I get asked the same questions over and over. One that I get a lot is:  “Joe, I did well in this past show and want to compete again in a few months. What do you think?”.   Well when I look to answer that question I realize why I will never be rich!  Competitors need tim ...[Read More]

“Peak Week” with IFBB Pro Chris Mosher

  Hello Clinical Sports Labs fans!!! This is what we call “peak week” as competitors and whether you are a bodybuilder, bikini, or physique athlete or just getting ready for a photo shoot, we all go through this final phase of fine tuning the body to get our best possible look on show day. For me, I am getting ready to step on stage November 8th in the 2014 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pr ...[Read More]