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Nicole Weeks Boyers

Nicole Weeks Boyers



Nationality: American of Polish Descent

Location: Southern Girl from Florida

Height: 5’5

Stage Weight: 122 lbs

Off Season Weight: 136 lbs

Occupation: Personal Trainer & Diet Coach

Athletic Background: Gymnastics, Soccer, Track & Field


Clinical Sports Labs Product:: BIUM-D™

Favorite cheat meal: Sushi…the good kind with all the sauce

Body Part: Lats and shoulders!

Exercise: Dumbbell Pullovers

Movie: The Matrix

Sport: MMA & Soccer

Quote: “Pain is weakness leaving the body” ~US Marine Corps


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Flex Dieting: Off-season 1.2g per pound of lean mass, 40-50g of fat, and the rest of my macros in carbs (170 to 225g) split between 6 meals

Contest Prep phase: 1g to 1.1g per pound of lean mass, 30-40g of fat, and the rest of my macros in carbs (150 to 175g) split between 6 meals

I eat within an hour of waking up unless it’s an early morning workout. And I do eat right up until bedtime. That last meal has adapted to become my “preworkout meal” for the next morning.

My usual foods are pretty standard but I also include dairy like lowfat cottage cheese and plain greek yogurt. I do include some wheat so I don’t create a gluten sensitivity unnecessarily, so I’m big on low carb tortillas. And I put Splenda in my coffee even on contest day. It’s my sense of comfort and normalcy in the chaos of competition day. And, for me, these foods have not affected my results. Everyone is different. So don’t assume they will affect you negatively.

I’m currently investigating the standard keto diet for competitors. I will post an update once available in a few more months.


Split upper body on a 5-day cycle. Daily Undulating Periodization: each workout for each muscle group changes up between a heavy lifting day in the 4-8 rep range, moderate between 8-12, and high rep between 12-20. All with heavy weight for that number of reps, achieving a total volume of 40-50 reps for each exercise, 3-4 exercises per muscle depending on how compound or isolated the movement is. I never go light, and only go moderate if it’s a bad day or I don’t feel well.

Typical back day: Cable rows, warm-up lat pull downs to prepare for pull-ups, 3-5 sets of pull-ups to fatigue, Hammer Stretch High Row, dumbbell rows, finish with biceps on cable curls and incline dumbbell curls.

Typical leg day: Leg Extensions or Leg curls to warm-up, squats and/or dumbbell plie’ squats, deadlifts or any of the various lunges, seated calves or calf extensions. If I’m targeting quads more I will go back to leg extensions and go heavier. If it’s more a hamstring/glute day then I might do single-leg leg-press, single-leg deadlifts, or weighted high step-ups

Typical chest day: Lots of incline work to hit shoulder more. Mostly dumbbells because I don’t usually have a spotter. Dumbbells and Hammer Strength plate loaded work. Chest flies on cables or the machine. Push-ups of all kinds. Dips get added in here quite a bit. And finish with tricep work such as push-downs, reverse grip barbell bench, and overhead press especially if I’m putting shoulders on chest day.

Shoulders: Shoulders for me are a muscle I can beat the crap out of and they are never overtrained. They only respond. And I like to train them on their own day sometimes along with abs. Mostly all dumbbell work with side and front raises, overhead press and upright row. Side lateral raises on cables bring out the meanness in me. And for even more fun I will superset 5 shoulder exercises back to back. For example: 15 reps each of front raises, side raises, overhead press, upright row, and drawing c’s with small weights as a finisher.

Abs: Crunches on the ball, Knee-ins and Pike-ups from a push-up position with the ball under my shins, side plank hips down and up or “threading the needle” with the hand curled under the body then reaching up to ceiling, standing side bends and side bends sideways on the back extension machine, hanging from the ab slings doing knee ups and V-ups.