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Ashlee Battaglia – NPC BIKINI

NPC Bikini Competitor
Ashlee Battaglia – NPC BIKINI



Nationality: Italian, Cherokee Indian, German and Swedish

Location: Chicago, IL

Occupation: Hair Stylist and Financial Advisor Assistant

Athletic Background: From age 8 to 14 I was a cheerleader. I then got into POMS, dance and gymnastics in high school. After high school I graduated from beauty school and began working on my career. I then got into working out and I really fell in love with the atmosphere. Once I knew the basics I started to learn new exercises and really tried to push myself to another level. I have been a NPC bikini competitor since 2012 with a little time off in 2013 after having my second baby.


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Body Part: I don’t have a favorite bodypart. I feel that being proportionate is very important in the bodybuilding industry so working on all of your muscle groups with the same intensity will result in a better overall package.

Exercise: Lateral raises and squats

Quote: “The human body is the best picture of the human soul” – Ludwig Wittgenstein




This is my current meal plan for the most part. I switch things up depending on how I feel. In the off-season I will have two cheat meals per week as I am more flexible. If my son is having pizza, I am in!

MEAL 1 (6:30am)
6 egg whites
2 cups of spinach
2 slices of Ezekiel bread or I do 1/3 cup of oatmeal with a little bit of raisins

MEAL 2 (9:30am)
Medium size Galla apple
Protein shake (mixed with water)

MEAL 3 (12:30pm)
4oz. chicken breast
10 spears of asparagus
Sweat potato

MEAL 4 (3:30pm)
4oz. chicken breast
Half of an avocado
30 almonds

MEAL 5 (6:30pm)
4oz. sirloin
10 spears of asparagus
(I do red meat 2 times a week. But generally switch out my protein sources: ground turkey, chicken, tuna, steak, etc.)

MEAL 6 (9:30pm)
Casein shake (mixed with water)
6 egg whites


Cardio: 15-30 minutes
Incline bench weighted sit-ups: 4×20
Leg raises: 4×25
High pulley crunches: 4×20
Standing calf raises: 4×20


External arm rotations: 4×15
Alternate dumbell front raises: 4×15-20
Lateral dumbell raises: 5×15
Side laying lateral raises on incline bench: 4×12
Upright rows: 4×12
Underhand barbell front raises: 4×12
Seated dumbbell press: 4×12
Dumbell shrugs: 4×15
Dumbell curls: 4×25
Hammer curls: 4×25
Barbell curls: 4×12
Reverse barbell curls: 4×12
High pulley curls: 4×15


Plea squats with dumbell between legs: 4×20
Plea leg press (5 counts pulls with each set): 4×20
Plea hack squat: 4×20
Good mornings: 4×20
Jump plea squats: 4×20
Cable adductor: 4×20
Cable hip abductions: 4×20
Cable kick backs: 4×20
Glute bridges with barbell: 4×15


Lat pull downs (wide grip): 4×15
Lat pull down (close grip): 4×15
Rows on cable machine: 4×15
Barbell rows: 5×15
One arm dumbell rows: 4×15
T bar rows: 4×15
One arm reverse pull downs: 4×15
Push downs: 4×15
Skull crushers with superset barbell press: 4×12
One arm overhead extensions on cable machine: 4×12


Dumbell pull overs: 4×12
Upright chest press on machine: 4×20
Close grip chest press with dumbbell: 4×15
Bench press: 4×12
Incline bench press: 4×12
Dumbell press: 4×12
Dumbell flys: 4×12
Peck deck flys: 4×12 (hold in last set)
Cable cross over flys: 4×15


Leg push downs on assisted chin up machine: 4×20
Laying leg curls: 4×15
Standing leg curls: 4×15
Dumbell squats (close stance): 4×12
Glute bridges: 4×12
Pull throughs on cables: 4×15
Kick back machine: 4×15
Hip extensions with ball between feet: 4×15

SATURDAY: I take two exercise from each muscle group an do a full body workout.

SUNDAY: I either take a rest day (off season) or do cardio.