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FOREARMS – The Forgotten Bodypart

FOREARMS – The Forgotten Bodypart
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Somewhere along the process, we stopped training forearms. I have become guilty of that myself both in my training and the programs I write for people. I think the pencil would break if I wrote “Wrist Curls” as part of a training program.

In this age of Instagram muscle forearms have become forgotten. Athletes just do not respect forearm training like Arnold and his crew did. Yet, wear a short sleeve shirt and what do you see, not the triceps and not the biceps but the forearms. Training them is not very complicated, just something you must do consistently.
I like doing forearms on back day and on arm day, it seems to be a great way to finish off the workout. A couple things:

– Forearm size is largely determined by genetics, much like calves. Sure, you can develop them but you are not going to have forearms like Casey Viator, if you do not know who that is look it up, unless you were born with them.
– Because you use your forearms all the time and they have built a resistance to moderate exercise, you need to work them with a system of higher reps, 10-20.

Here are the exercises of choice:

Wrist curls work the flexors, the belly of the forearm. Perform them in a seated position with your lower arms resting on your knees, palms up, or on top of a bench. Move only your wrist.

Stand erect, holding a barbell at slightly more than shoulder width. I also like using a cable with a curling attachment. As you curl the bar, keep your wrists straight and level with your forearms and keep your elbows tucked in.

This is performed in the same manner as a wrist curl, but your palms should face downward instead of upwards. Also, you should use about half of the weight you use for the standard wrist curl.

The way I have found that works best is to do wrist curls and reverse wrist curls on back day in a super-set style and do reverse curls at the end of a bicep workout. I will also substitute Hammer Curls for reverse curls periodically but be sure you lower the weight very slowly, about 3 seconds, as that will really work the brachioradialis, the elbow flexor muscle.

They key to developing forearms is the same as developing calf’s, be consistent. Train them 2-3 times per week and within a short amount of time you will see significant changes.
I love talking training and would love to hear your comments. I answer every e-mail and can be reached at

Michael A. Carrubba
Founder & CEO
Clinical Sports Labs

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